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Item# : CU2NOV
  • Limited-Edition Toilet Spray, cardamon
  • Chenille Hand Towel Pomegranate                          
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  • Problem & Solution

    Limited-Edition Toilet Spray, cardamon


    It seems like the bathroom is the one room in the house that’s always occupied. But as your turn finally arrives, you detect traces of an unpleasant lingering odor. Aerosol sprays aren’t the answer and holding your nose isn’t ideal, but what else can you do?


    Put a Toilet Spray on every tank and encourage everyone to use it. Just a few spritzes before they go helps ensure a fresh experience for the whole family without harmful chemicals.

    Chenille Hand Towel Pomegranate    

    Traditional hand towels that are used over and over again after washing your hands could reintroduce the same dirt and bacteria that’s caught in the fabric from previous use back onto your skin.

    Safely dry your hands with the luxurious Chenille Hand Towel. The lush hand towel is made with the same soft chenille microfiber  as our Kids Pet To Dry, and even contains the same powerful, exclusive BacLock* technology.

  • Use & Care

    Limited-Edition Toilet Spray, cardamon

    • Just spray 2 – 3 pumps down into the water from a few inches above the seat.
    • If odors linger, try one more pump next time; some toilets have a larger surface area than others and may need an extra pump.

    Chenille Hand Towel Pomegranate    

    • Hang near bathroom and/or kitchen sinks and use to gently dry hands after washing.


    Caring for Microfiber:

    • Wash dirty towels with a Norwex laundry detergent and avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. For complete instructions, go to your Consultant Office > Resources > Product Information > Product Instructions > Microfiber Care.
  • Features & Benefits

    Limited-Edition Toilet Spray, cardamon

      • Natural essential oils create an odor barrier directly on top of toilet water.
      • Oil-based formula floats on the water’s surface, ensuring maximum coverage.
      • No need for aerosol sprays or scented candles that only mask odors at best.
      • Fresh scent that’s not overwhelming.
      • Your bathroom stays fresh for everyone.
      • Contains environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients.
      • Safer for waterways with no harmful chemicals to wash down drains.
      • Safe for septic systems.
      • Convenient size easily fits into most purses and bags, allowing you to take freshness wherever you go.
      • Approximately 100 uses.

      Chenille Hand Towel Pomegranate    

        • BacLock* offers continuous protection against microbes and odors within the cloth.
        • BacLock* within the cloth makes it mildew-resistant, keeping it cleaner and fresher, longer.
        • Reduces waste from using paper towels.
        • No more wet, sloppy hand towels.
        • Ultra-soft on your skin.
        • Built-in hanger makes it easy and convenient to hang anywhere— oven doors, towel racks or stroller handles.
        • Denim and mushroom color options are made from 70% recycled microfiber yarn; heathered oatmeal color option is made from 53% recycled microfiber yarn.
        • Denim, heathered oatmeal and mushroom color options feature a suede-like microfiber top.
        • Dries quickly.
        • Machine washable.

        *Contains BacLock®, our exclusive antibacterial agent for selfcleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the product.

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